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8909-Oil Filter Adapter

Replaces stock die cast unit, removes oil filter bypass

8930-Sprint car mount oil filter adapter

Bolts to water inlet, available with -10 or -12 fittings

8928-KSE Sprint Car water pump

8927-Aluminum or Steel Crank water pump drive

8933-Jumbo oil filter mount for HP6 filter

Sprint car mount, available with -10 or -12 fittings

9002-90 degree oil filter adapter for SBC with adjustable pressure regulator

9011-90 degree oil filter mount with in and out ports for lines to and from oil cooler. -10 fittings, 5/16" or 3/8" bolts

9020- 1pc billet aluminum front cover

Light weight and hard anodized

8935-In line scavenge screens

Designed to keep debris out of your oil pump

Available with -10, -12, or -10 bulkhead fittings

8932-Remote oil filter adapter with in and out ports for lines to and from oil cooler

Available with -10 or -12 fittings

8929-Universal mount oil filter adapter

Available with -10 or -12 fittings

8910-Oil filter block off plate

Available with -10, -12 fitting or plug with 5/16" or 3/8" bolts

9003- 90 degree oil filter adapter

Creates more ground clearance and turns filter on it's side

with 5/16" or 3/8" bolts

9012-90 degree oil filter adapter with inlet port for line in from dry sump pump

-10 or -12 fittings

5/16" or 3/8" bolts

O-Ring boss to flare fittings and plugs

Assorted sizes include -4 all the way up to -16 and -20


8926-Billet filter mount, less bracket

Available with -10 or -12 fittings




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