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Barnes 9025 Series Drag Race Pumps

9025 series pumps are based on the 9017 series pump but with added features that make the 9025 pump better suited for the rigorous demands of large C.I. Pro Stick drag race engines. Features include 1.700" wide rotor scavenge stages, thicker mounting brackets, ball bearing and Teflon bushings, large outlet port housings and angled pressure and scavenge outlet ports.

9025-5RP Dragster 9025-6RP BBC 9025-6RP Dragster 9025-6RP FORD copy

9025-5RP Dragster

5-Stage rotor style pump with dragster mount and dual -16 scavenge returns

9025-6RP Ford

6-Stage rotor pump with Ford mount and dual -16 scavenge returns

9025-6RP BBC

6-Stage rotor pump with Big Block Chevy mount and dual -16 returns

9025-6RP Dragster

6-Stage rotor pump with dragster mount, angled pressure and scavenge outlet ports and dual -16 scavenge returns


Custom oil pump configurations available upon request

Contact your Barnes Systems sales rep to configure a dry sump pump that is just right for your engine.

Configurations available in 3, 4, and 5 stages.




(310) 534-3844 phone  (310) 534-1229 fax