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Barnes 9017 Series Stock Car Pumps

Available in a variety of mounts and configurations, these pumps are built and designed to handle the demands of today's stock car racing. Pumps available in gear or 3-lobed rotor and 5 or 6 stage configuration. Mounts are available for Small Block Chevy, Toyota, Small Block Ford, and Dodge.

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Options Include:

Gear or rotor pump configurations on all pumps

Angled scavenge or pressure outlet housings available

Available in black or red anodized housings

Pressure regulator can be placed in different locations to make pressure adjustments easier

Custom mounts designed and made to your specs

Cast iron pressure housings (sizes include 1.200, 1.375, 1.500, 1.700, and 2.000 inches)

Rear fuel pump cable drive attachment

Single or multiple scavenge returns or scavenge manifold

9017-5BRI 1.375

5-stage rotor pump

All 1-3/8" sections

Front pressure regulator

Cast iron pressure housings

9017-6BR 1.2

6-stage rotor pump

All 1.200" wide sections

Front pressure regulator

Rear pressure outlet

SBC mount

9017-6BR 1.2

6-stage rotor pump

All 1.200" wide sections

SBC mounts

Dual scavenge return

Rear pressure regulator

9017-5BR 1.375

5-stage rotor pump

All 1-3/8" wide sections

Sandwich pressure w/ rear pressure inlet





(310) 534-3844 phone  (310) 534-1229 fax